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?Feeder Matrix Review & Is This Worth Your Time


?So What Is Feeder Matrix About


Now we got a good bit to go over and talk about on this Feeder Matrix system. So what is it exactly you are probably asking. Well to start it off simple, it is a way for you to make money online and from home. As you may have guessed it is a matrix style system. Which includes a matrix style compensation plan. Try not to look to into this as the concept is quite dummy proof actually. If you decide to join, you will then recruit people and make money if they pay and join. That is about it. So it’s no real point trying to get technical on this particular system, as Feeder Matrix isn’t intended to be technical. We still have much more to go over so stick around.


?How Does Feeder Matrix Work


Ok so now that we went over the basics on what Feeder Matrix is about, how does this work? Well to actually join this system you have to pay. You can technically join for free. Keep in mind though joining free and not upgrading (paying) will not allow you to recruit and make money. You will be stuck at the free level and wiped out of the feeder Matrix system after a few days of inactivity.



So being as you take the step to actually pay and join Feeder Matrix. You will have to pay to actually join just as it sounds. The initial cost to come in at bare bones basic level is $1.75. So the price is fair and about as low cost/minimal investment in this niche as you can get. Now when you pay that, you become an actual member. This will allow you to start recruiting and referring people to give you a chance to make money. So given they join you and pay like you did, you will get paid from them. This  Feeder Matrix system has direct member to member payment options. This leads us to the comp plan, so let’s see how this works exactly.


Feeder Matrix Compensation Plan


Now normally I personally fully explain comp plans I know of, but being as I was in Feeder Matrix and have access to the site, I will just show it exactly to you as it really is. The easy way and the live version.

Here it is.




Feeder Matrix – Stage 1.


(Your 1st  tier referrals pay you $1.75 each (totaling $7

(Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $5 each (totaling $80

(Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $10 each (totaling $640

(Your 4th tier referrals pay you $20 each (totaling $5120

Feeder Matrix – Stage 2.


(Your 1st  tier referrals pay you $40 each (totaling $160

(Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $80 each (totaling $1280

(Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $160 each (totaling $10240

(Your 4th tier referrals pay you $320 each (totaling $81920

Total Potential Earnings: $99447


I figured the Feeder Matrix diagram would cut right to the point and show you on the spot how the pay structure looks and works, and what to expect in Feeder Matrix. Keep in mind income earnings are not guaranteed. Income earnings in this niche period are going to be based on your efforts and what you are willing to do.


So as you can see Feeder Matrix works on different levels. In short the more people you can recruit the more earning potential you have. Keep in mind as you can see, the more you get under you, the more they will have to pay for you to see the money. As Feeder Matrix works in levels so people depending on where they fall on your levels may have to pay a couple more bucks before you see the pay. All depends on where these people fall in your matrix as you start filling it up. They also get placed in your Feeder Matrix downlines downline to help them.


The way you get paid is through sites like Paypal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay. The con to this is actually through Feeder Matrix. See here you have to manually approve payments before the person who paid you can go to the next level in their matrix. This applies vice versa to you.  So it could be a waiting game or an issue if a scumbag is the one who you paid, and he or she is not an ethical person and never approves your Feeder Matrix payment.


Feeder Matrix Pros & Cons


So this may be a touchy area for some people. I say this because some reading this are going to already be in it, but majority will not be and want to get the truth on it. Well I like to share my true feelings on things, so that is what I will do. Please those in this already do not take this personal, again this is my opinion. Also given I tried Feeder Matrix before, I can be honest about it.




Way to make money online and from home

Minimal cost/initial investment

Very newbie friendly

Payment access to pretty much everyone and everywhere. through sites like Paypal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

Feeder Matrix has been around a little bit



Poor system support

Issues with accepting and approving payments at times. If someone is unethical your paying, you will deal with a waiting game for support to fix it, and if they even fix it to allow you to upgrade

No training pretty much whatsoever, you get digital downloadable products as you pay more and upgrade. Although most of it is old products that are pretty much useless.

Nothing new here and many clone systems out already. Some off top of my head are yougetpaidfast, matrixforall, and penny matrix. As well as many others that are similar and watered down versions.

The 4×4 matrix and downline filling. Like I mentioned once you get people it becomes a long waiting game, and your downline tends to get lazy from you putting people under them, which causes many people to not take action here in Feeder Matrix like they would normally in other programs.

No worthwhile marketing tools or resources. You get a link and basically are sent out to the wolves to promote it, and hopefully you know what you are doing or joined a team who know what they are doing to help you.

So this is how I honestly feel. Like I said I was in this, and have marketing experience. I had many many people under me and was on my 4th tier in Feeder Matrix. With that being said, I still chose to leave it. For the cons I listed above. Now while I teach my team and those with me and give them access to our marketing private group. I just didn’t like the Feeder Matrix structure overall. The products they claim they give you are pretty much worthless and outdated.


The other big no no is no tools, resources and training pretty much at all. If it wasn’t for me knowing what I was doing and helping people, I would be screwed for lack of a better word. This will apply to you also like I said. If you are a complete newbie to this industry, and with zero marketing or advertising experience Feeder Matrix may not be for you. Yes I know it is cheap to start with and try. Although a saying that applies well here is we want quality not quantity. Cheap doesn’t always mean good and what’s best. This is just how I truly feel about Feeder Matrix.


Feeder Matrix


Feeder Matrix Conclusion



Well as you all can see I am not a fan of Feeder Matrix anymore, and lost interest once I got inside and seen everything in the big picture here. You can make money with this, and yes it does pay given no issues from your upline. This just wasn’t something I could continue to promote with integrity and good spirits. I just felt like something was missing the whole time with this, and had an empty feeling odd as that sounds.

In the end if Feeder Matrix is for you or not is ultimately your decision. I am not telling you to join or not to join this. I just broke it down and am sharing my opinions on it. Considering I was in this and have valid points to be made. The problems that come into play are going to be with you much more then the program. I say this because as I mentioned several times. You are going to have to refer and recruit people in Feeder Matrix. If you cannot do that or do not know how to do that, you will struggle. We call people interested and those actually joining you leads.


You will need to know how to get leads. As leads convert to sales, and sales obviously make you money. You also will need traffic to drive to this site or anything else you promote, for you to get the leads and sales you are looking for. All of these things are needed to succeed in this niche.




Take action and get started below to make money online and from home. With all the tools, resources and


training needed to do it. This is what those already in Feeder


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