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feeder matrix


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Here I'm going to introduce the most prestigious Matrix sites of the 2011 is active

The system is designed so that you can Earn 100.000$ by just pay 1.75$


,Payment systems: perfectmoney, Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay

Please submit your Perfect Money account number 

Because most of the 
Our team work with Perfect Money account

Downline structure: 4x4 forced matrix

Everyone should introduce only 4 referrals 

If you refer more than 4 referrals Will be introduced to your 

This causes help to all


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The necessary training 


How to Register in the feedermatrix


You must register keep using Gmail  To receive emails from the  feedermatrix

site ,if  you not have a Gmail account , Click here and open Gmail account

Most of our team members using Perfect Money account ,So be sure to enter

your Perfect Money account ,If do not have a Perfect

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To register, click on the banner below


To register go to the following video tutorial





After registration if the correct information is entered

you will see the following message


Greeting. Your subscription was successful.

Login to your account

You should do your banking account settings

Not mandatory to enter all account numbers

But it is better if you enter the all


Please submit your Perfect Money acount number 

Because most of the 
Our team work with Perfect Money account


Enter your perfectmoney account number With uppercase letter U





 go to the home page account



If be registered your bank account numbers  ,Should see the word Done




How to upgrade and pay the upline in feedermatrix


After registering and entering your bank account number

You need upgrade your account  , This meansthat  pay $ 1.75 to your upline


To upgrade go to the following video tutorial


After clicking to click here for instructions 

You will see that your upline bank account number

Most of our group working with Perfect Money

So try  pay to your upline perfectmoney account  

 Open a new page and log in to your Perfect Money account

Go to the send money  in your Perfect Money account






Go to  upgrade page in the feedermatrix account


 You should wait to confirm your upline


How to confirm downlines


Whenever paid your downlines ,you Need approved after check

After you have paid your downlines  

comes a message  into your account feedermatrix